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ABC Grid

Inspired by some of Medhi Hadi’s reel and particle work, I tried to recreate one of the scenes using pFlow, Data Operators and a greyscale map to drive the particle position. More data operators. Getting the hang of how powerful this technique can be now.

Stylised particle flame

Experimenting with a technique to create a stylised flame / fire using cube particles. I comped this with some vector blur over the top, and added some smoke with FumeFX

Particle dissolve

Quick render of my continued data operator tests

pFlow globe hexagons

Experimenting using Data Operators grow hexagonal shapes from a globe map

pFlow grass

Using Data Operators to populate a plane with ‘grass’ particles, and driving bend / colour via noise maps. Could be useful to simulate an underwater effect perhaps?


Watch this space…

Trapcode Form layer emitter

Using layers in Trapcode Form to emit particles.

pFlow / sphere / colours

More pFlow R&D – transferring a technique I used previously on a flat surface to a sphere